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Coaching for Women

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"Tiffany has been a genuine and faithful guide on my healing journey.

Her experiences that have brought her from her own Heartache to Hope

have molded her into an excellent tour guide who knows how to cross the bridge from trauma to healing and how to walk it out.

She also has deep strength and courage that allows her to go back in and pull others out. "

-Holly Spears




"Tiffany has helped me in so many ways over the years I have known her. She has always been able to ascertain what my needs are at any given time. She listens without judgement which is so important for me as I'm a verbal processor. I always feel seen, heard and understood after each interaction. The best part is that I often need to have a challenge to grow and she provides that if it's needed as well."

-Jenny Becknell

"Tiffany has been an “extra”ordinary friend! She has let me come to my own realization of the despicable practices of religion that can oppress our lives without knowing it. She did this without making a judgement or justifying what she was trying to lead me to, and I am so very grateful! I am more free because of the love and care that she offers because Tiffany know who’s she is and there is so much courage and boldness in Her character. I’m so lucky to call her friend!"

-Emily Wells

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