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From Stilettos to Grace

I want to give a voice to the one who has been silenced and found their worth in their sexuality.  I want to inspire them to take their next step to begin their healing journey.

-Tiffany Brearton

About Me

About Tiffany

“I was dying on the inside and my life was spiraling out of control. The emotional pain was so un-bearable at times. I began to leave suicide notes out, hoping someone would find them and save me.”


Sexually abused at a young age, this dark secret hidden inside her began to take its toll.  Tiffany Brearton’s childhood trauma led her into a dark and disturbing world. Hoping to escape her life, she grasped at the only worth she could find in herself—her body. She believed she could find value and happiness in being a stripper, so she grabbed a phone book and found the closest strip club.

Tiffany’s incredible journey took her deeper into a life of immense disappointment, pain, and sorrow as she endlessly looked for the hope and real love she knew was somewhere out there.

What she eventually found took her From Stilettos to Grace.

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Lisa Schwarz
Founder and CEO at Crazy8 Ministries and Author of Enforcing You

If you have ever wondered how far God’s arm will reach to redeem His children, then this book is for you. Testimonies are a powerful way to stir up the imagination and present God possibilities. Tiffany does an excellent job doing just this by telling her story of redemption in Christ. It is big, and it is bold. However, the way she writes ensures that the reader knows that God is the Author of her story; that He is the One who ordained all her days. This is an excellent read that stirs up our imaginations in Christ, and reminds us of His unconditional love and power. You won’t be disappointed.

Richie Seltzer

Evangelist with Global Awakening  

Blessed are those that overcome! This is a statement repeated throughout scripture. Jesus attached promises for those they overcome and even says that those who have been forgiven much love much. Tiffany gives God the glory in testifying of his faithfulness to take her from stilettos to grace. May you experience Gods goodness as you read this amazing book. 


Brian Simmons
Passion & Fire Ministries
and Author of The Passion Translation

"Every life carries a message of God's grace. Perhaps, a broken life makes that message even greater. You are going to marvel at the grace of God that flows through each chapter of this book. Tiffany Brearton has pulled back layer after layer of her heart to show you how good God truly is. Your soul will be moved as you read of how Tiffany has overcome great darkness and pain to become a great light of joy and victory in today's world. From Stilettos to Grace is going to change your life and nudge you closer to the heart of God!"

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